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The Virtual assistant will always help you stay on top of your meetings. Know your clients before the meeting itself.

Sales Bots

I see you have just arrived in Bangalore. We have < three clients > There. Would you like to meet them as well.

Yes, fix a meeting with them for tomorrow at an interval of two hours each.

I have sent the meeting invites to the clients. Will update once confirmed.


Intelligently Identify Prospects
Sales Bots

Hi, one of your prospects wishes to take a demo on 14th January but you are booked? Shall I arrange a different date?

Yes, ask if it is possible on 18th. Also send me the details of the prospect as well.

Done, please find the < details >.

Stay in touch with opportunities
Sales Bots

Send a list of all prospective clients that have registered for the seminar

Would you like the complete list or do you want me to filter it

Send me two lists. Filter first one by industry and the second one by company size

Sure. Here are the lists. < List1 > < List2 >

Receive reports in a click
Sales Bots

How do I travel from Mumbai to Delhi

You can either travel by train or flight

Send me a list of flights available for 31/03

< List > of flights between Mumbai to Delhi

Please book the flight that leaves at 11:30am

Okay. Will send you the boarding pass shortly

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