HR Bots

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HR Bots

What are the available courses for enhancing project management skills?

< Here > is the site with all available courses on project management

Thanks, please sign me up for second course.

Done. < Here > is your access information.

Make learning and development convenient
HR Bots

I needed to reimburse my medical bills covered under company policy?

Sure, please fill in the attached
< document >

Thanks. Here is the filled < document >

I will submit it for review. You will receive a reply soon.

Access your benefits conveniently
HR Bots

Our intranet system is not operating properly

Let me check on the issues

The issue has been resolved. Is everything working alright now?

Yes, thanks

Account Deactivation
HR Bots

Welcome to the company John. Kindly review the < company policy > and the < training material > .

I have read and signed the documents. Advise on the next steps.

Kindly read the < company handbook > and the < NDA > .

Done. Anything else?

You are covered for now. You will now receive your login credentials from the IT Bot.

Complete On-boarding Process
HR Bots

I am planning for a vacation next month for 10 days. Can you check my number of paid leaves available.

You have 12 PLs available. Do you want me to take a request?

Yes, kindly take a request from November 12th to 22nd

Request has been sent to your manager for approval

Thanks. Keep me updated

Get leaves approved
HR Bots

Congratulations John! You have completed 10 years in the company today. The team has < prepared > something for you.

This is really sweet. Kindly send a thank you message to all the members of my team. Also send them an invite for dinner tonight.

Okay. Will send it.

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